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Orders containing hazardous goods

Hazardous goods are regulated by strict guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We ship the full range of Hazardous Goods in compliance with these regulations and the highest standards for safety.

If your order includes Hazardous Goods, you may notice that your shipment arrives with specific packaging, labels, markings, paperwork, and other preparations.

Orders containing Dangerous Goods are subject to Hazmat Handling fees. The amounts of the Hazmat Handling Fee will depend on the hazard classification of the items in your order. You can order multiple hazardous goods in an order with a single Hazmat Handling Fee.

Items classified as hazardous goods will include a marking on the product pages and include the applicable fees in the cart and at checkout.

If your order contains items that were misclassified as non-hazardous goods, we will provide the option to cancel or update the order to include the Hazardous Goods Fee.

If you believe a product is incorrectly classified as Dangerous Goods or have other questions about Hazardous Goods, please contact us.

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